How To Hire a Virtual Assistant For Your eCommerce Store?

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Hire A Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?


In this modern era, it is easy to outsource your least-urgent but required task to someone who is more cost effective than your regular office employees & works from his own home via internet & charge you only for the working hours only rather than regular salaries. These people are termed as Virtual Assistants.


Why Hire A Virtual Assistant for E-commerce?


E-commerce is the modern way of business doing via internet but it requires lots of efforts to get customers on your platform & many of these tasks can be delegated to a Virtual Assistants who have expertise in performing them. It is not easy to Hire A Virtual Assistant, keep in mind everything that could help you to choose the best one.

VAs can perform the following tasks for you on E-commerce sites like :

  • Customer Interaction
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Research & Listing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Tracking Shipping Data
  • Proper Management Of Product Return & etc.


Virtual Assistants are cost-effective & demand of market but hiring a virtual assistant is comparatively more hectic than to a traditional assistant. Although it is recommendable to have a Virtual Assistant to whom you can delegate some of your administrative tasks related to eCommerce like eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc to manage overall account & focus on core activities. Although they require least of your attention, they used to find well skilled & experienced to manage all work smartly.

But still, there are a few different things that should be remembered while hiring a virtual assistant so that you can Increase Work Efficiency.


Here are 10 parameters on which you should hire a Virtual Personal Assistant for your E-commerce business –


1) Have Better Communication: This is the highly-needed quality you must find in a Virtual Assistant 24by7 before delegating activities to him. Many times the communication barrier could create miss understandings between you and VA. These could cause to downward sales graph. So it is very important to have a VA with better language command. You can check the communication ability of VA by just having a Skype or video conferencing interview by which you can also get to know about their confidence & technical knowledge.

Communication checking is essential in the manner to know VA’s ability to communicate in which they will interact with your customers & suppliers.


2) Experienced or already worked as VA: Working with a fresher is always a thing which we try to refrain at office level as they require training & lots of attention. Similarly, if you hire a fresher as a Virtual Personal Assistant that might consume much of your time asking about how to do or what to do. It is recommendable to hire someone who had earlier worked for other in E-commerce platforms. So he can easily get a proper understanding of your business model & his responsibilities.


3) Some who is related to your industry: Get experienced Virtual Assistant doesn’t mean anyone who had worked for any other industry. Though they can also perform good, it is recommendable to have someone who had worked with sellers of your or similar industry while dealing at E-commerce platform. This will be beneficial as that Virtual Assistant For eCommerce can easily coordinate with your suppliers & have you a proper store management.


4) Better reliability: Although this can’t be checked initially, it is recommendable to hire Virtual Assistants from a recognized Virtual assistance service provider companies as they prefer to satisfy their clients more than just to focus on payment received. It is found that many Personal Virtual assistants never reply to their clients on about their daily performance & their task completion. In the end, they just disappear after creating a Mishap. So it is better to have a corporate dealing with accountability.


5) Resourcefulness: If you hand over your daily supportive task to someone who doesn’t have resources to perform it than that will be a destructive act. Similarly, if you have appointed a Virtual assistant who has very limited or don’t have the proper software to complete his task then he might end up taking extra time to accomplish his task & make you pay extra for that. Many times these Virtual assistants don’t organize their tasks related to E-commerce marketing that have negative consequences for your promotional activities.


6) Professionalism: What if your customer review at your eCommerce site & it impacts negatively on them just because you’re Virtual Assistant doesn’t reply or assisted the customer at the time of need. This will be lethal as customer satisfaction is foremost for any business. So while hiring a VA it is recommendable to approach virtual assistance providing company as they follow professional approach while interacting with your customers.


7) Decision-making: Many times sellers assign their task to an amateur VA who don’t even take the small & unimportant decision by himself like: what are proper keywords for this product description, how inventory should be maintained etc. This leads to unnecessary problems for the sellers as they have to give extra attention. So rather than appointing an amateur try to get eCommerce Virtual Assistant Services from an expert in AMAZON OR E-COMMERCE Virtual Assistant service providers.


8) Multi-Tasking: It is impossible to have many different VA’s working for you in the same project assigned to different tasks. So it is recommended to check that the person to whom you are assigning work must have multi-tasking ability to perform different activities like customer interaction, inventory management, title optimization & delivery tracking etc.


9) Suggestive: A Virtual Assistant is comparatively more knowledgeable than sellers on working with E-commerce platforms. So it is expected that they should provide time to time advice related to product update, prevailing trend, competitive pricing etc. So while hiring you must ask some suggestions from him at the time of interview to get a proper understanding about his command over subject & is he able to give you any proper advice or not.


10) Coordinative: Customer feedback is very much vital for any business irrespective of it is traditional or E-commerce but if your hired Virtual Assistant is unable to coordinate with you in providing timely feedback than it is going to harm your performance in the long run & wastage of money on an amateur VA. So, at the time of interview try to find out that your VA will be able to coordinate with you on the project or not?


Now you might have a better understanding of how to hire an E-commerce Virtual Assistant & you can check their qualities during the hiring process. Hire someone who can meet the all your expectations and could help you to enhance your sales on eCommerce platforms.


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