How To Find The Right Real Estate Virtual Assistant To Grow Your Business?

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Introduction To Real Estate Virtual Assistant –

Real estate is right now considered to be a booming sector where every business can expect impressive growth. Every new entrant thinks that it is really easy to sell homes & cracking deals, but in contrast, a real estate agent has to do some really tedious & hectic works that need sleepless nights & workings on weekends.

Some of these works include managing different marketing channels; creating listings of different properties, routinely engage with builders, creating presentations for client meetings, providing customer support & many more.


It’s near to impossible for an individual real estate agent to perform all these works along with other administrative tasks. He really needs some helping hands for effective completion of each task.


Why you need a virtual assistant rather than an in-house employee?

Let’s take an example that you have cracked a property deal in your first month of beginning & booked a profit of $15000 but it goes in vain as you have to pay nearly $10,000 just to an in-house employee for his services.

This is a situation of utter dissatisfaction with your business. But in the recent time, many real estate agents have already moved towards more cost-effective & efficient option of outsourcing all their tasks to a real estate Virtual assistant.


Hiring a real estate virtual assistant would be highly beneficial for your business, through these points we can understand their benefits:


arrowMany real estate virtual assistants charge for their services on an hourly basis rather than on a salary basis.


arrowYou don’t need to assist them regularly about their job as they are highly skilled to perform such work.


arrowThey don’t need any medical or paid leaves in contrast to your regular employees.


arrowYou don’t have to worry about providing them space of work or equipment as they work remotely from their own home or office.


There are many more benefits, but let’s discuss what different qualities a Real Estate Virtual Assistant should possess to get your work done effectively – 


Virtual Assistant  Communication skills: While hiring a virtual assistant you can compromise with his communication skills as one of the most important parts of his duties include taking follow up from builders, communicating with clients & providing customer support to any sort query. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant must have convincing skills so that he can make your clients ready to pay hefty amounts for property deals.


Virtual Assistant  Presentation skills: To get easy dealings, real estate agents have to prepare some highly dynamic & informative presentations for their clients about different properties. Your virtual assistant must be capable to create some impressive & eye-catching presentations so that clients should take more interest in property deals with your agency.


Virtual Assistant  Experienced: Many property agents, hire an amateur real estate virtual assistant so that they can pay less, but at last they just end up with huge losses. Try to hire someone who is already having experience of dealing with different workloads in real estate sector. You can focus more on other administrative works as you don’t have to supervise them time to time about what to do & how to do, They will charge you higher but in the long term will add real value to your business.


Virtual Assistant  Versatile: In the real estate sector you can’t just think of getting similar projects, so your real estate virtual assistant should be ready to accept all sorts of projects. He must be ready to work in different situations & at different times so that you can get work done with minimum delays & in higher efficiency.


Virtual Assistant  Attentive: It’s really necessary to have attended each & every detail about projects or clients. Many times you have to deal with financial or technical information on different projects so any inaccurate information will lead to misunderstanding & that will end up losing a lucrative deal. That’s why it is advisable to hire a real estate virtual assistant who is attentive in performing his task with maximum accuracy.


Virtual Assistant  Self-motivation: In the real estate sector, a person can only survive if he has the ability to take initiative for finding more clients or business deals. So your real estate virtual assistant must be a person who loves to take initiatives or experiment with different methods to reach more & more clients. VA must be self-motivating to get solutions for different problems & always try to perform beyond expectations.


Virtual Assistant  Tech-savvy: Don’t waste your precious time & money by hiring a real estate virtual assistant who is not much familiar with the latest available software & programs that can minimize the required time to do a job. He must be able to update his knowledge of software so that he can get more effectiveness in your working.


Virtual Assistant  Trustworthiness: While working on different project, your virtual assistant will come across with many details that should be kept confidential. So try to delegate your work to that real estate virtual assistant who can be trusted, although he asks for higher payments.


Now let’s discuss how you can find such a real estate virtual assistant who can have the above-mentioned qualities. So these are some ways to find them:


Virtual Assistant   Describe The Work You Need to Assign: When you start looking for a real estate virtual assistant, prior to that you must be clear about what different task you are going to assign to him & what would be your expectations from him for these jobs. This will help you in evaluating him on the basis of the specific skills that are required to do these jobs.


Virtual Assistant   Try to Use Your Network: As outsourcing to a virtual assistant is becoming common in the real estate sector, you might get the link to an experienced virtual assistant through your contacts. You can easily evaluate their trustworthiness & compatibility by their past working references.


Virtual Assistant   Try to have a Skype-interview: To examine his communication ability you can ask the real estate virtual assistant for a Skype interview. You will also test his patience & convincing powers by asking him complicated questions about his past work experience or software he will use to complete different tasks.


Virtual Assistant   Set Up Test Drive to Check: Before going online with the regular working, try to examine his abilities by setting a test drive where a virtual assistant has to perform all different works which will be given to him in the expected timeframe. This would allow you to judge him practically about his experience in property dealings & management of paperwork.


So now at the end, it would be recommended to hire a real estate virtual assistant from an outsourcing company as they have long experience of dealing with property related tasks. They will assist you in every business-related activities.


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