Step By Step Guide To Amazon Enhanced Brand Content For Improving Product Listings

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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Guide –


If you are offering high-value products on Amazon then just depending on normal descriptions can never get you the desired results. The reason is obvious; there is a huge difference in the perception of a pen buyer & a buyer who needs a camera. The latter one wants to get more detailed information or content that catches his mind & heart so well that he can’t refuse to buy. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content opens a new door for non-technical sellers to have an upper-hand advantage than other sellers.


Earlier sellers of the high-end brand had no special features on Amazon to turn their offerings more attractive & informative at the same time. Sellers who had some knowledge about HTML used it to add some distinct features. But with the introduction of Amazon EBC feature a seller can get the opportunity of having a better content than their competitors.


Before explaining how to write Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, it is must know that this feature is only available those sellers who are approved brand owners from Amazon’s brand registry process. Brands that are registered with Amazon can only take benefit from this amazing option. There are some Amazon Brand Enhanced Guidelines that you should study thoroughly before starting with it.


Amazon EBC


Now let’s begin with how you can write an Amazon EBC –


1. Approved brand owner have the access to the ‘Seller Central’ page wherein the advertising column they will find the option of EBC.


2. Once you enter there, you have to select a module for your page template. Amazon has already installed 5 modules & left one customized one for those who want to Design Amazon EBC Template by themselves.


3. Once after selecting the Template or customizing as per your choice, you can start with uploading images or adding content in your template.


But while doing it remember the following points in your mind:


Point One  You must obey the rules declared by Amazon for writing content in EBC. There should be no use of words like Guarantee or 100% satisfaction in your content. Price of the product also not to be included in this section.


Point Two Although Amazon EBC is all about using Hi-definition images, You can’t ignore the sizing capacity of different template zones. This will restrict you at the time of submission.


Point Three  Word limit of every content area should be kept in mind while writing content. Your content must revolve around showing depth features of the product.


Point Four  It’s worthless of having EBC services when you are using low quality or standard quality of images there. High quality images are specially used here to get more attention from customers.


4. Once you are over with these steps, Amazon has provided an option of preview to get a look on how your product’s EBC would be looking after approval.


5. Then submit your Amazon EBC template for the approval from the team who will check that whether you have followed guidelines or not while creating your design.


Now, you have enough understanding of what is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content & how it can help you in generating profit from your sales? But it is not a tea of Cup as the popularity of Amazon EBC is on rising with that the number of sellers who are using it. So now you have a better option than doing it by yourself.

Hire a professional who has knowledge about best practices for Amazon EBC & who can optimize your product display more efficiently which will give your sales a boost & a needed growth.